CS 7932

HCC Seminar

Wednesdays 1:00PM–2:00PM — MEB 3515

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Date Presenter Topic
01/15/2020   Organizational meeting
01/22/2020 Tamara Denning McDonald et al. Reliability and Inter-rater Reliability in Qualitative Research: Norms and Guidelines for CSCW and HCI Practice. CSCW 2019.
01/29/202 Marina Kogan Badawy, A., Lerman, K., & Ferrara, E. Who Falls for Online Political Manipulation?. In Proc. of The 2019 World Wide Web Conference. ACM.
02/05/2020 John Lund Lazar et al. Why we use and abandon smart devices. UbiComp ‘15
02/12/2020 Yuanyuan Tong Liu, Jiaxin, Elissa R. Weitzman, and Rumi Chunara. Assessing behavior stage progression from social media data. CSCW 2017
02/19/2020 Christopher de Freitas Abokhodair, N., Yoo, D., & McDonald, D. W. Dissecting a social botnet: Growth, content and influence in Twitter. CSCW 2015
02/26/2020 Tamara Denning Shinohara et al. Design for Social Accessibility Method Cards: Engaging Users and Reflecting on Social Scenarios for Accessible Design. TACCESS 2020.
03/04/2020 Jason Wiese Schroeder, et al. Examining Opportunities for Goal-Directed Self-Tracking to Support Chronic Condition Management. IMWUT 2019
03/25/2020 Di Wang Castillo, C., Mendoza, M., & Poblete, B. Information credibility on twitter. WWW 2011
04/01/2020 Cole Polychronis Stewart, L. G., Arif, A., & Starbird, K. Examining trolls and polarization with a retweet network. Proc. ACM WSDM, workshop on misinformation and misbehavior mining on the web.

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